# ahmader at work!

Ahmader has extensive knowledge in technologies, with over 20 years experience he spent at least 10 years of it working remotely, whereby he helped many CEOs and executives to overcome the challenges that come with remotely and hybrid managed companies. His expertise in digital transformation, DevOps and internal communications has shown great success in shifting companies from product-focus to platform-focus.

After 10 years in digital transformation, Ahmader has a digital first approach, and always states that digital transformation is not about the digitalization, but about the transformation, he uses programmatic methods and data analytics to measure and enhance workflows and processes.

His strategic planning, problem solving and critical thinking is valuable for any business, and from his professional background in software beta testing, he is able to spot the logistics and risk factors to validate them into an agile framework.

Ahmader worked in many executives roles, yet he is a programmer at the core. He worked in different fields, from Banking, Live Events, Reality TV shows, Healthcare, Telecom, Logistics dispatching, Satellite TV broadcasting, Museums and Learning Centers. He dealt with a variety of systems and platforms. Also, he had the chance to work with Robots like (Pepper & Tao) and have the knowledge to program almost any device, from microcontrollers to GPUs, he continue to be an early adopter and learn new subjects, he have good understanding of blockchain, data science, big big-data, machine learning, robotics and AI. He is also specialized in Linux systems, high-availability networks, load-balancing, security and cloud services.

His work is apparent to businesses adhere the digital transformation, and his commitment to reinforce team members to excel at digital spaces, he is part of the open-source community, who have contributed in many projects, his NPM packages were downloaded over 200k+, he like to do full-stack reactive progressive offline web apps, where his preferred technologies like NodeJS, VueJS, NoSQL, ZeroMq and GraphML, this give him the opportunity to produce cool experiments in weekends.

At a personal level, Ahmader has lived overseas in many different countries and cultures, he learned new languages, and married to a lovely Russian wife, he is a proud father of two kids.